A customs warehouse is a storage-place where delivered goods from abroad are stored under customs supervision/control. The destination of these goods is often not known yet.

As long as these goods remain in the customs warehouse, no import duties and/or taxes have to be paid. Only when the goods leave the warehouse en when the goods are brought into the free circulation of the EC, import duties have te be paid.

In order to benefit of these advantages KSL&Warehousing and their clients have to keep to strict conditions. De Belgian Customs Service exercises daily physical and administrative checks. They check our stock-administration and if their demands are not met, they can give you a fine.

To the storage in a customs warehouse, no terms are attached. Also, some treatments are allowed.


In order to store your transit-goods, we have the following permits;

  • Particulier entrepot C.
  • Permit for loading and unloading.





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